Social Insurance

“Social insurance” means that the government is responsible for the financial support of programs for individuals and companies that can be paid into with taxes from the recipients and bolstered with subsidies from the government provider.  Social Security retirement, disability, and survivor benefits, bank deposit insurance, unemployment benefits, and corporate pensions can be called social insurance.  The picture explains the idea of how it can be thought of that they are not only earned benefits that they can be premium supported or taxed into by the participants, but that since they are supplemented and sponsored by the government they are called entitlements instead of purely earned benefits.


Judgement happens in court when an official decision is made by the court about a lawsuit case.  The decision may be made in favor of a defendant or a plaintiff.  Legal repercussions can be charged for damages because of the judgement decision.  The meme picture could be interpreted to communicate that clarity and precise court judgement could be important so that cases are not left unresolved and clearly settled.


A risk handling technique that deals with loss financing for the future is called self-insurance.  It is when a company pays for risk management losses INTERNALLY using financial risk pooling, which is when diversification shares the risk among a group of people by limiting the burden with the company self-power of payment.  The cartoon seen above can express that internal coverage ways of being seen inside the context of the group meaning for coverings, like the clothing of a hospital gown inside a hospital, can be an internal risk pool that is limited and can be an uncertain expectation to those included in the company policy.

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