Believe it or not

The ancient day chosen one Jews have all arisen from the dead and become modern day Jews all over the world and in Israel. The characters written in the Word of Holy Text resurrected and reoccurred to now reign on high in heaven and on earth as real people who are seen on TV, in the news, and on the streets. They work anyplace like in factories, restaurants, and bookstores and international ministries and are millionaires of their mind’s eye coming back from the dead. All of the Jews have eternal life and are blessed forever in heaven and in the realms of eternal existence. Christians on earth can worship in proselyte ways by following the ministry of Rabbi Jesus the Messiah who also rose from the dead and lives and reigns on high in all the earth so they can be blessed in the higher realms. Some Jews don’t know all of their Rabbis, but they know all of their products of blessing as their own repentance. So when the times and seasons change, people can change the fashion of their mind but not the anointing of their spiritual realm, which changes for itself but not its ministry. When the Messiah bows to the god within Him, He bows to the Elohim; but when we don’t know him in the LORD’s name we don’t know the blessing of what we believe to be the blessing of what we leave behind. When we are not left behind by our blessing, we are not left behind by our praise.

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